"Our aim is to establish and maintain a connection between the client and the therapist based on trust, regard and compassion, and to respect the strengths and objectives of each client."

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Ronald Trieff and Sheila J. Trieff are experienced therapists in Newburyport, Massachusetts. We provide a range of outpatient therapy from consultations and individual treatment, to couples work, child and family counseling in an atmosphere of personal attention and respect for the privacy of the client.  While there are many types of therapy, the factor we have found most helpful is the quality of the professional relationship.



While we each have our own areas of interests and specialized training, we share a deep belief in the value of therapy as a life-changing experience weaving the events from the past into the present set of problems. The task of therapy is to develop a curiosity about the nature and history of a problem, examine what solutions have been attempted and to create a shared vision about the present goals.



As seasoned therapists in a myriad of areas, we are often asked to provide consultation and education to community schools, medical professionals or other mental health professionals.  Some of these consultations have included topics such as managing grief, marital therapy, the impact of divorce, parenting issues, and critical management and debriefing following a community or individual trauma.

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Individual therapy

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Couples therapy

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Family therapy

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As seasoned therapists in a myriad of areas, we are often asked to provide consultation...

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

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Sheila J. Trieff, LICSW

Sheila Trieff assists children and adults navigating family life transitions including...

Ronald Trieff, LICSW, BCD

Ronald Trieff devotes most of his clinical practice to his work with couples.  He works...